August 21, 2020

Food is a substance that consume for nutritional support. But during travel a tourist one of a main attraction is food. The local food can provide taste of local cuisine.

Every cuisine has its own preparation style and taste. Cuisine preparation set by the local row foods and materials & it represents the taste of the nation.

World wide cuisines are:

  • African cuisines

  • Cuisines of the Americas

  • Asian cuisines

  • European cuisines

  • Oceanic cuisine

African cuisines:

  1. Central African cuisine
  2. East African cuisine
  3. North African cuisine
  4. Southern African cuisine
  5. West African cuisine

Cuisines of the Americas:

  1. North American cuisine
  2. Central American cuisine
  3. South American cuisine
  4. Caribbean cuisine
  5. Latin American cuisine

Asian cuisines:

  1. Central Asian cuisine
  2. East Asian cuisine
  3. South Asian cuisine
  4. Southeast Asian cuisine
  5. West Asian cuisine

European cuisines:

  1. Central European cuisine
  2. Eastern European cuisine
  3. Northern European cuisine
  4. Southern European cuisine
  5. Western European cuisine

Oceanic cuisines:

  1. Australia cuisine
  2. New Zealand cuisine
  3. Tasmania cuisine
  4. Islands or island groups throughout Oceania




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